Electronic Cigarettes Reviews – Top E Cig Brands

There are many different electronic cigarettes to choose from, so how do you know what brands are the best? Here at Electronic Cigs Reviewed we want to help you make an informed decision, not only so you don’t end up wasting money on the ‘bad e cig brands’ but so you can also quickly find the brand you like the best.

Over the past few years, electronic cigarettes have gained extreme popularity. You may have even seen the commercials for some of the top brands such as Blu Cigs or V2 Cigs, but there are many other companies you can choose from.

Here is a quick list of our top choices of e-cigarettes this year.

Our Top 5 E Cig Brands

1. Halo
2. V2 Cigs
3. Green Smoke
4. Blu Cigs

Here are some things we liked about each e-cig brand in order from our number 1 to number 5.

Halo Cigs

• The Halo Cigs are American made and use formula ingredients that are already FDA and FEMA approved.
• Have multiple different flavors to choose from such as tobacco (Tribeca), spicy apple (Midnight Apple) to fruity (Tiki Juice).
• Very competitive pricing, not only on starter packages but also refill bottles that last while.
• Halo Cigs also offers a rewards type program where you earn points for every purchase. After a certain number of points you can redeem them for free merchandise.

V2 Cigs

• Probably the most popular e-cig to date because of its almost ‘identical’ feeling of smoking a real cigarette.
• Allows for many different flavors. Even to the point of allowing you to choose from 5 different nicotine strengths. This feature is awesome for those looking to stop smoking all together.
• Has a battery life that is rated as on of the best in the industry. V2 Cigs has also been around for more than 7 years and are still going strong today.

Green Smoke

• Also one of the top in the e-cig industry for flavors and close to smoking a real cigarette.
• Multiple options on flavors and strengths to choose from.
• Green Smoke also is very competitive in pricing. They have a quality product, good battery as well as every package comes with a USB cig (great for traveling)

Blu Cigs

You can find more about these e cig brands from going to their websites here:


Whether you are looking to quit smoking all together or want to find a different option than regular cigarettes, electronic cigs are here to stay. As time goes on more and more brands come to the market, trying to compete for your business. This will help drive down cost, but it is still important to choose an electronic cig that gives you what you are looking for.

If you are looking for different flavors or different nicotine strengths, then look for V2 or GreenSmoke. Maybe you want an e-cigarette that mimics the flavor of real cigarettes, and then maybe check out Halo.

Our Electronic Cigarette Reviews and Brands Statement

Our goal is to offer you an idea of what each electronic cigarette offers before you make a decision to purchase. Did you know that there are more than 18 (eighteen) different electronic cigarette brands and companies to choose from? So how do you know which one is the best? Who has the best packages, starter kits, best batteries, best e-liquid flavors, and best prices?

Choosing which electronic cigarette to go with can be difficult unless if you know all of the facts up front.

We will break down each brand and give you our thoughts and reviews as well as your reviews of the same products.

As you may already know, there are many great e cigarettes you can choose from. Our top 5 is based on our own opinions and like I said before there are over 18 brands you can choose from. The biggest difference between these brands may be their flavors, battery life and costs.

As with regular cigarettes, you may have a preference brand and flavor and you may have smoked many different brands before sticking with one. The same goes with e-cigs, you may want to choose different brands and flavors to see what you like the best.

If you are into electronic cigarettes then you already know the cost savings! The amount you save on just 1 package of e-cigs may give you the extra money to try other flavors or another brand.

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